Episode 129

129. Prenatal Pilates is just Pilates, with Hailey Hawkins and Raphael Bender

There is a persistent myth in the Pilates world that prenatal Pilates needs to be gentle, safe, highly modified and complicated. But this is not true…

Resources mentioned in the episode:

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  • Register your interest to receive an advanced copy of Raph's book 'How to make $100k a year teaching Pilates here
  • Our Pilates Certification will increase in price by 10% on April 1st. Beat the price rise here
  • Connect with Hailey Hawkins here
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  • ACSM guidelines here
  • ACOG guidelines here
  • No relationship between relaxin levels and pelvic pain here
  • The Sacroiliac joint moves 0.2 degrees in women diagnosed with pelvic instability here
  • Instead the intensity of fear-avoidance beliefs predicts pelvic pain here
  • During a curl up diastasis gets smaller here
  • Ab strengthening during pregnancy reduces diastasis here
  • Curl-ups reduce diastasis here

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