Episode 78

78. What is best practice care for people with musculoskeletal pain? With Ivan Lin and Raphael Bender

Ivan Lin was the lead author on a 2019 review of high-quality clinical practice guidelines from around the world. In this episode, we unpack just what IS best practice for working with musculoskeletal pain, according to current science?

Resources mentioned in the episode:

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  • Lin et al. (2019). What does best practice care for musculoskeletal pain look like? Eleven consistent recommendations from high-quality clinical practice guidelines: a systematic review here
  • Lin et al. (2013). Disabling chronic low back pain as an iatrogenic disorder: a qualitative study in Aboriginal Australians here
  • Clinical course and prognostic factors are the same across different musculoskeletal pain sites here
  • Stress can make pain better or worse depending on how you deal with it here
  • 80% of pain-free 50 year olds have disc degeneration here 
  • Low back pain patients who receive early MRI have higher costs,, more healthcare utilisation and worse outcomes here

The 11 common recommendations identified by Lin et al.. Think of these as the 11 commandments of high-quality care:

  1. Give patient-centered care
  2. Screen for red flags
  3. Agree on outcome measures
  4. Explain condition and management
  5. Give a physical examination
  6. Address physical activity & exercise
  7. Assess psychosocial factors
  8. Facilitate early return to work
  9. Use imaging only if red flags are present, there is an unsatisfactory response to high-quality nonsurgical care, or it will change treatment
  10. Use manual therapy only as an adjunct to active treatments
  11. Offer high-quality non-surgical care before surgery

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