Episode 111

111. How what you believe influences your clients' pain and recovery, with Brendan Mouatt and Raphael Bender

Brendan is a PhD candidate at the University of South Australia where he is researching the influence of implicit communication on patient beliefs and outcomes. In this conversation, we talk about how our beliefs as movement professionals influence our clients' movement, pain and outcomes from Pilates.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • Follow Raph on IG
  • Connect with Brendan Mouatt on Twitter and Instagram
  • Find The Knowledge Exchange website and join the Facebook group for movement and health professionals here
  • Read Brendan's research here
  • Early MRI leads to worse outcomes in back pain regardless of whether they find anything or not here and here
  • Biomedical tests and diagnostic labels actually don't reassure patients here
  • Practitioner beliefs strongly predict patient beliefs here
  • Pain behaviour not pain intensity mediates opioid prescription here
  • Many physiotherapists implicitly associate round-back lifting as dangerous here
  • Thinking about movement hurts, and makes your hand swell up here
  • Negative expectation abolishes the effects of opioid painkillers here
  • Placebo reduces pain the same amount as 4-6mg of morphine in postoperative pain here
  • The presence of most MRI findings does not change treatment here
  • Spinal fusion is not more effective than general exercise for low back pain here
  • In fact, pretty much every treatment for low back pain works about the same here
  • Dentists’ belief about what they are administering influences patients’ pain here
  • Placebo suppresses immune function here

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