Episode 2

2. imPostURE Syndrome

Posture is often thought to be at the heart of Pilates, but is it still relevant?

Can "faulty" posture really cause pain or dysfunction? What is dysfunction anyway? We take a look at all these topics and a few more in relation to posture.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • Follow Raph on IG here
  • Variability in the location of bony landmarks makes postural assessment meaningless here
  • Experienced physiotherapists have 1.5-2cm error when palpating ASIS and PSIS here
  • Posture is highly variable and poorly reproducible here
  • Lordosis, range of movement and lumbo-pelvic rhythm are all highly varied in people with and without back pain here
  • No consensus on causality of spine postures and low back pain: A systematic review of systematic reviews here
  • No relationship of lumbar lordosis with hip flexibility or abdominal strength here
  • No relationship between pelvic tilt, lumbar lordosis and abdominal strength here
  • No relationship between pelvic asymmetry and back pain here
  • Exercise probably can't change posture anyway here

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